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Year in Review
January 4, 2011, 11:05 pm
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Happy Birthday, Pretty Dishes!

Could it be that I’ve been doing this for an entire year already? Hard to believe yet true. I wrote my first post one year ago today. How time flies.

This site is still serving me well—it looms at all times, willing me to continue shooting and sharing. It motivates me to transfer images from my camera, format them, and give them a home. It forces me to write with purpose and be creative.

I haven’t quite averaged two posts per week for the year, but I’m still aiming high. Preparing great meals and photographing them hasn’t been the obstacle: finding the time to write (and mercilessly edit) each blog entry is what has prevented me from being more prolific. I should probably be more of a free spirit in that regard.

Here are the numbers to close the year: 1,925 views; 54 comments; 82 posts; 400 photographs. Nearly every number is double or more those that I reported in June, so at the very least I am even keel and consistent (as are my readers)!

Incredibly, the majority of my random visitors come via Web searches for Pad Woon Sen. Who knew that post would be so popular?

I have many more delectable recipes to share in the year ahead, so please stick around for more. Thanks for visiting!


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Your blog is making me hungry! Definitely added you into my reader :)

Comment by PsyDet2155

Thanks very much!

Comment by prettydishes

Happy (belated) one year anniversary! I’ve really enjoyed your arsenal of pretty photos and pretty dishes. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking for 2011!

Comment by Tara

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