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Adore: All-Clad French Skillets
November 20, 2010, 5:57 pm
Filed under: Kitchen Wares

I have been drooling over this skillet set for months, ever since I first noticed it while browsing the ever-dangerous Williams-Sonoma catalog I receive every few weeks.

I have a set of Calphalon nonstick skillets that I love as well as a large Lodge cast-iron skillet, but I have long thought about adding some quality uncoated pans to my rotation. I have far too many pans as it is, there’s no doubt, but I do know I would get some good use out of them because my sauté pans are what I use most frequently.

This set gets very high marks from customers, so I feel confident the pans would easily weather a decade of use. The sale price point puts them in a reasonable range for two pans of such quality but are just expensive enough to cause me to talk myself out of clicking “Checkout” every time I put them in my virtual shopping cart. With all of the holiday cooking ahead and special “free shipping” deals in abundance, I may just give in. . . .

Update: I did, in fact, succumb to my desire to possess these pans. They are fantastic!

(Photo from Williams-Sonoma)


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As much as I would like to invest in some good pots and pans, I don’t know where I’d store them! My cabinets are in a complete state of disarray, and I haven’t bothered to create a system that makes sense. Sigh.

Comment by Tara

Do you have the ceiling height and space for a hanging rack? (Especially for placement in a lesser-traveled corner of the kitchen?) I’ve heard great things from those people who have them. It would also be impetus to get quality cookware because it’s on display for all to see!

Comment by prettydishes

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