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Country Terrine
August 26, 2010, 11:07 pm
Filed under: City Arts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the best parts of the City Arts recipe assignments is that I’ve been forced to try dishes I wouldn’t normally think about or desire to make on my own. I wouldn’t call myself a picky eater, but I am a particular eater, so I’m surprised when I discover ingredients and flavors and combinations I’m not fond of prepared one way suddenly wow me when presented differently. Because I know pretty well what I like and what I gravitate to, I don’t tend to take a risk on something I feel pretty lukewarm about. I ask myself, Why spend the time/money when you don’t know if you’ll like it? And as such, I tend to stick with the main pieces and pairings I’ve grown to love.

As with many situations of settling on what’s comfortable, I just need a gentle nudge in another direction. A trusted outside perspective with a recommendation. A close friend who’s a talented cook is just the ticket.

And so we made pork terrine. (Pork, again!) It is essentially a meatloaf, but when you do an online search for terrines you will find a plethora of photos of unappetizing meat-jelly-loaf (and some fruit) concoctions. They’re not so pretty. Even after we figured out what delectable additions to the meat would make for a more colorful, speckled slice of terrine (and thus a nicer photo), it’s not exactly winning any beauty awards. I was skeptical but ready to be wowed.

I’m happy to report that the terrine was very good. It was more flavorful than the meatloaves I’ve eaten, and more moist too. It was nicely paired with a simple salad and a bit of mustard. The ingredients are very inexpensive, so it makes for a perfect “peasant lunch.”

Would I have gravitated to this recipe on my own? No. Did I enjoy every bite on my plate? Absolutely.

(Recipe and select photos here.)


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