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Cooking Party, Part 1
August 17, 2010, 10:01 am
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When M and I discussed what to do for our next dinner/photography night, she informed me that some friends wanted to partake as well. Robin, a very accomplished cook, offered to host at her place (a gorgeously decorated grown-up home) so we could make the most of her flourishing garden and amazing kitchen. Christi, M, and I joined her and prepared to get our hands dirty. Well, I plucked from the garden and did some stirring, but otherwise my hands stayed pretty clean for the sake of my camera. It was great to document a larger group and more complex recipes, plus we just had so much fun.

In this first post I’ll share more of the environment and people photos, and in the next I’ll provide the recipes with shots of dishes in progress. If I combined all of these things in one . . . let’s just say I might already be breaking records for the longest post in history with Part 2.

A side note: Do other people realize how delicious kohlrabi is? I had heard of this brassica but had not ever encountered it in life, and thus I was unaware of its charms. The German translation is literally “cabbage turnip, ” and its skin is a beautiful purple color (or white/pale green). The texture is hard to accurately describe, but when eaten raw it has a consistency between a firm apple (but less juicy) and a raw potato (but not so starchy). It is crisp and pleasing, and the flavor is akin to broccoli stems, a mild cabbage, or celery. Anyway, if you have a chance to try one, see what you think; many farmers markets and larger grocery stores carry them. Apparently they are a hardy vegetable in cooler seasons for most climates, so I’m trying to convince my husband to sow our own!


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What a fun evening that was! Making home-made ravioli was a first for me. I love you photo of the kohlrabi and M holding the mint!

Comment by Christi

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