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Pretty Dishes Stat Summary
June 11, 2010, 3:12 pm
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I hit a milestone with the blog yesterday, and I thought I would share. I have had over 1,000 visits to Pretty Dishes to date. My first post was published on January 4, 2010, although the only reader at that time was myself—I didn’t tell anyone (aside from my husband) what I was working on until I had gotten into the blogging groove and published about a dozen posts (mid-February).

At that time I cautiously told a handful of close friends about the site, and after receiving some very encouraging feedback, I shared the link with more friends and some family. I find it unlikely that more than fifteen or so people visit with any frequency (or at all), but Pretty Dishes is serving its purpose: it makes me accountable for honing my photography skills and, as a bonus, gives me a place to share and reference recipes and other food-related topics. My goal has always been two posts per week at least, which I have managed to average, though I hope to bump that up to three per week or more by the end of the year.

Just for fun, here are the official stats: 1,005 views; 23 comments (please feel free to share more!); 53 posts (including this one); and 225 photos (a couple of these are waiting in the wings).

The unofficial stats: I have no way of knowing who in particular is visiting the site on any given day, but if I were to guess percentage estimates for the 1,005 views various readers contributed, it would be as follows . . .

  • 70% my insanely supportive super best friend, Meosima (*champion!*)
  • 12% my mom
  • 6% various friends and acquaintances: work, family, web, etc.
  • 6% friends of Meosima who come via her [talking up Pretty Dishes on her] blog
  • 5% my sister (she’s my sole blog subscriber, so she only visits when she gets emails notifying her about new posts)
  • 1% random web searches or WordPress generators

I appreciate every single one of you, and thanks for every single visit! It really is exciting that at least a handful of people are enjoying this as much as I am. Suggestions and requests are very welcome, so if there is anything you’d like to see more of or that you especially like, please leave a comment about it and I’ll do what I can to deliver.

What’s coming up on Pretty Dishes? I will actually be leaving town in a few days; I hope to post at least once more (Asparagus Pizza!) before I go, though. I am flying to Chicago for eight days, and then the weekend I return is my first wedding anniversary, so I can’t say with total certainty when I expect to start posting again. When I do return, however, I’m sure to have some food photos and restaurant recommendations from the trip to share (I’m bringing my SLR) in addition to quite a few other posts in the works (more City Arts and book club recipes, book reviews, etc.). Check back soon!


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Ha! You made my day!

Comment by meosima

Yahoo!!! Way to go, Rachelle! Keep your beautiful photos and inspiring cooking coming!:)

Comment by Christi

Rachelle, your pictures are getting more and more beautiful. It’s been fun to watch your progression here–and, of course, to read some awesome recipes. :)

Comment by Erin

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