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The Great Scone Hunt: Attempts #5 and #6 (plus the Inspiration)
June 4, 2010, 8:01 pm
Filed under: Scone Hunt

My two latest scone-making attempts were both based on the recipe I found to be the closest match to the Secret Garden scones, with slight variations in each case. Attempt #5 (documented in the first batch of photos) was prepared almost identically to that recipe except that I replaced 2 tablespoons of the granulated sugar with honey and I prepared the dough in my food processor. The scones turned out brilliantly (aside from my own error of not pre-measuring the almond extract and thus tipping in a bit too much . . . measure out 1/8 teaspoon or less over a separate bowl to be safe).

The sixth attempt was also mixed in my food processor (I’m not sure I will prepare most doughs any other way from now on, in fact), and in place of all-purpose flour I used pastry flour. The weight is different so it measures to about 2 cups rather than 1 3/4 cups for all-purpose. While the scones tasted good and were very tender, I found them to be too dense. I may try another flour at some point, but for the time being, unbleached all-purpose is the way to go.

I should also note that I opened my jarred Devonshire and clotted creams to serve with the scones and was pretty disappointed when comparing them to fresh. The flavors were muted and the textures dense and stiff rather than light and fluffed. My mom makes a fantastic “faux” Devonshire cream (somewhat thin and really more suited to serving over sliced fruit), and the house-made cream that Secret Garden pairs with their scones is so fresh and sweet, it’s hard to beat. So I suppose I will be trying out a homemade cream recipe or two the next time I bake scones as well.

A couple of days after making the fifth batch and before making the sixth, I made a special trip to Secret Garden to pick up half a dozen scones for taste comparisons. I think they had a newer baker in the kitchen this time because the scones weren’t quite as perfect-looking or -tasting as they have been in the past. (Either that or I’ve just eaten too many scones and can no longer be wowed!) They were very, very similar to my fifth batch, though I still feel like there is just the tiniest difference I can’t nail down. In any case, here they are spread with the house-made strawberry jam and Devonshire cream. And I’m drooling again.


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