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Pad See Ew
April 16, 2010, 11:20 pm
Filed under: Recipes

M and I have turned our weekly get-togethers into a cooking and photography evening, and it has been great to try our hands at a variety of recipes. Because we both love Thai food, we started by making two favorite dishes, the first of which was Pad See Ew.

The base of Pad See Ew is wide rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, and thick soy sauce. Typically the recipe calls for pork, although chicken is also common.

M didn’t feel the recipe we tried had quite the right flavor, so we spent quite a bit of time adjusting the seasoning with more fish sauce and soy sauce. (It was my first time trying this particular dish, so I didn’t have any context and thought it tasted pretty decent regardless.)

Therefore, instead of providing a definitive recipe, here are a few links to some that might be worth experimenting with: the one we used, one from Serious Eats, one from an Asian recipes site, and another from Coconut & Lime.

Despite lacking the perfect flavor, I thought the dish was highly enjoyable, and it was really fun to shoot. I like the photo of the broccoli stems in the wok—you can see the smoky steam coming off the pan to a pretty neat effect. I also think the pink cutting board behind the stems in the bowl is nice.


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