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Vegetarian Borscht
February 14, 2010, 4:20 pm
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For about a month now I have done recipe testing, editing, and photography for a longtime friend currently working at City Arts Magazine. Even from doing just four recipes so far, I can see my photos changing. I’m getting a little bit better with capturing even, natural light and truer color/tone. Obviously practice makes perfect (or closer, anyway), and the assignments and related exposure have been very motivating for me to keep at it and work hard. My ultimate goal is to spend as little time post-processing as possible (i.e. getting it correct in the camera).

I have not tried a bad recipe yet, and this Vegetarian Borscht is no exception. It’s a bit messy of course (wear dark clothes!), but boy is it tasty. It’s pleasantly tangy and quite filling.

Since not all of the photos make it onto the City Arts blog, I’m sharing them here. Recipe and select photos are here.

I think my favorite of this bunch is either the beets or the finished borscht with cream. What about you?


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Well, since you asked … I guess I’ll vote on which photo I like best. :) Actually, I like both a lot. I think (think!) I like the finished dish with the dill the best, because it looks so gosh darn appetizing. However, perhaps it’s also because when I stare at the beautiful picture of beets, it makes me think about having to prep them … which then makes me sad. So, go finished borscht image!

Comment by meosima

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